How Leveraging Social Media Can Boost Small Business Success

In the beginning times of social media, platforms such as Facebook primarily focused on connecting family and friends. Now, numerous social media platforms exist, and account users can log into their profiles and connect with any of the millions of other individuals, groups, organizations, and brands active on social media. For small businesses on tight budgets, leveraging social media for organizational development and marketing is smart since creating a profile comes at no cost.

The Role Artificial Intelligence Plays in Business

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to enhance, its role in business as a supporting tool continues to elevate and impact daily decision-making. Automation only touches the surface of what AI is doing for modern businesses, and keeping up with AI business integration is necessary for companies to remain competitive.

Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs on Growing a Resilient Business

Students make the best teachers, and the best teachers share their mistakes and the lessons they learned from their trips and falls. Everest Business Funding, spotlights five successful entrepreneurs and the lessons they have learned from their personal experience on how to develop a resilient business successfully.

Why Small Businesses Should Stay Up to Date

Staying up to date with the latest business trends and technologies can help a business thrive.
Though transitioning into a more technology-friendly business process seems more for the big guys, small businesses can greatly benefit, too.

Understanding the Growth of Online Content Marketing

Content marketing is king when it comes to bringing attention to a brand and attracting consumers to purchase a service or product. The evolution of technology and digital marketing over the past decade and beyond has granted organizations access to target markets through online avenues such as search engine optimization, social media, public reviews, and audience relations.

Types of Blog Content to Market a Business

Digital content marketing has become a key strategy for marketing teams to utilize through social media platforms, websites, and blogs. Blogs, particularly targeted blogs, can boost customer growth, elevate sales, and ultimately, successfully market a business. Producing great results from a targeted blog boils down to ensuring to use of the right type of blog content for the correct target audience. In this article, Everest Business Funding provides examples of the best types of content to use on a blog for marketing and branding purposes.

How to Create a Holiday Content Strategy

Tis’ the season for spending money and buying gifts- a perfect consumer equation for businesses. As one of the most competitive times of the year, companies need to prepare for the end-of-the-year celebrations with a robust holiday content strategy as part of their annual content planning. Revenue-based financing firm Everest Business Funding helps set businesses up for funding success and more with these steps to creating an effective content strategy plan.

Business Trends & Predictions for 2023

Looking to the future is what successful business owners do best, as forward-thinking is essential to stay ahead of the competition and keeping up with forthcoming trends. With the holidays ramping up, marking the end of another year, it is time for entrepreneurs to start focusing on business trends and predictions for the upcoming 2023 year. Everest Business Funding, an organization that provides small business owners revenue-based financing, has compiled a list of small business predicted trends for 2023.

How to Future Proof Your Finances

As the last few years have shown, it’s impossible to accurately predict the future. That being said, there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure the financial security of your business, as Everest Business Funding states. You can get ahead of the game by taking a proactive approach to your finances and making intelligent financial decisions. Here are some ways you can do just that.

Ways to Power Up Your Content Marketing

As more businesses turn to social media and online platforms for their primary focus for marketing campaigns, the relevance of content marketing becomes more critical for attracting new consumers and boosting profits. With more competition utilizing content marketing, the stakes rise to produce attention-grabbing content. Everest Business Funding works with small businesses to deliver revenue-based funding to execute objectives such as launching content marketing campaigns and gives these helpful hints on how to make sure an organization reaches maximum effectiveness with content marketing performance.