Types of Blog Content to Market a Business

Everest Business Funding Explores Types of Blog Content to Market a Business.

Digital content marketing has become a key strategy for marketing teams to utilize through social media platforms, websites, and blogs. Blogs, particularly targeted blogs, can boost customer growth, elevate sales, and ultimately, successfully market a business. Producing great results from a targeted blog boils down to ensuring to use of the right type of blog content for the correct target audience. In this article, Everest Business Funding provides examples of the best types of content to use on a blog for marketing and branding purposes:

  1. How-To Guides
    Google is a common tool people use to search for how-to questions. Marketing teams can take advantage of this habitual nature by analyzing what how-to questions a business can help answer through market knowledge, products, or services. After identifying which questions a business can help answer, marketing teams can do target audience research to try and figure out which how-to questions would be more popular for a target audience to search.
  2. Infographics
    Blog information can get lost in the words for some readers, so incorporating infographics that highlight valuable information for viewers can level up blog post impact. Infographics also are known to catch a reader’s eye. Designing an infographic with a company’s branding in mind packs an extra punch behind messaging and display. 
  3. Free Printable
    Draw readers into blog posts with a free printable that offers some kind of value to a target audience. For example, if a company specializes in helping small businesses budget, they might offer a free budget worksheet for entrepreneurs with startups. A free printable is also a great way to collect emails to send the free download to while increasing an email marketing list.
  4. Customer Testimonials
    Customers appreciate and find worth in reading about other consumer experiences with organizations. Customers seek advice on products, services, or customer service, which is a great content focus for blog posts. Featuring a customer and their experience with a company increases consumer loyalty and is a topic other target audience members typically appreciate. An interview with a customer is also a proactive approach to laying out a blog post.
  5. Behind the Scenes
    Small businesses can show target audiences a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes business operations to gain consumer appreciation. Blog posts can highlight specific operations to aid in explaining to consumers the journey of product production. Another excellent behind-the-scenes angle is putting faces to operations by highlighting employee stories.
  6. Memes
    Memes have become a newer adaptation to deliver effective content marketing. If a business goal is to increase traffic on a blog, memes can help reach that objective. The key to a successful meme is how well it is timed along with the message it communicates.
  7. Quizzes
    Blog posts with quizzes or surveys attached to them can attract the interest of curious readers. Marketing teams can base quizzes on information that a target audience would want to explore or gain more insight about, thus needing to take the quiz or survey to access said information. Quizzes can also be a tool to gather data on participants to better gauge the interests and perceptions of readers. 

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